Taeyang - Eyes Nose Lips (REVIEW)
After three weeks, Taeyang’s Eye Nose Lips is still the most played song in my playlist.
I kinda remember when I was very much hung-up on his other songs ‘Wedding Dress’ and ‘I Need a Girl’. I was replaying those songs over and over for months!
Now, don’t think I’m biased. Honestly, I’m not. Well, not really anyways. I’m not really a full-on VIP. I mean I love Big Bang — their songs, etc. — but they’re not really part of my top 5 groups so I’m not really supposed to be this addicted to Taeyang’s latest song right?
However, I am! And I have no regrets. :)
I really, really love his song. It’s very … emotional. The way he sings — soulfully — it’s like … all the emotions he’s putting in the song, you can feel it too. It’s not like he’s serenading you. No. Whenever I hear his song, it’s like something is clenching at my heart. Like I’m feeling the pain that he’s feeling as he sings the song.
Before this day I haven’t really understood the song. I always kinda forget to research the meaning of his song. Still, even then, I know that the song is jam-packed with emotions and that was what reached out to me (even though I absolutely could not understand the song seeing as how I’m not Korean).
I firmly believe that music can speak to the heart. No matter what language it is, the emotions that the singers portray as they sing is what speaks out to us.
Eyes Nose Lips is a fine example of how music can affect a person who doesnt understand the language the song is in.
I may not have been able to understand the song but the emotions in it is what shook me. I felt the pain he was feeling, almost as if I was the person he was singing it for. Whenever I hear it, it’s like something inside me breaks.
I know he just recently launched his album and all, but I do hope Taeyang comes back soon and with another soulful song. :)

Artist: Taeyang - Eyes Nose Lips
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'The Guy who Has a Panick Attack' - EPISODE REVIEW
Just watched ANTM’s latest episode.
And I can’t say I totally LOVED Nina’s shot this week … I mean I’ve definitely seen better shots of her but she still killed this shoot for me.
Anyways, I’ve always liked Chris as a model but this week’s episode made me change my mind. He was being so insensitive to Nina! Sure the crying can get a bit tiring after a while I guess but wasn’t he just doing that last week? As a friend he wasn’t there for Nina when she needed her. That’s gotta say something for his personality.
Cory on the other hand was being such a friend I couldn’t help but like him more and more every week! Now that Don’s (he’s one of my faves!) out of the competition, I wish Cory would step up his game more and be one of the finalists!
Now speaking of stepping up .. Rene is really really improving from week to week! If her victory on the challenge this week has anything to say about that.
last night was by far my most favorite episode in antm cycle 20!
Nina used her FLAWSOME BIG EYES to her advantage! Honestly, I can’t even imagine that having big eyes would be a flaw .. I actually think that she looks pretty .. almost like a cartoon— no an anime character with her gorgeous big eyes like that!
very much rooting for NINA! GO NINA! I hope she keeps up the good work and win the competition in the end~ :)

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